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KidZ klub ghana

In July 2018 we took a team of 16 people (from 5 different churches) to Amanase, Ghana. Amanase is a rural town with a population of 30,000 people. Our mission was to offer Kidz Klub to all the schools in the locality and to train and equip local kidz klub workers. As well as to set up a library for the community. We were based with a church family in the town, although we stayed in the local guest house.

Our visit began with a walk around Amanase to introduce ourselves. We were invited to an impromptu meeting with the ‘King’ and other dignitaries of the town. They were all very friendly and positive about our visit and the plan to the establish a community library.  The following day the King led us through the village and introduced us to the state schools in the locality. Everywhere we went the children were delighted to see us and excited about taking part in Kidz Klub. The head teachers welcomed us in with open arms. We arranged to visit each school during the following week.

Over the weekend we visited the local market. We set out in groups to talk to people about Jesus and why we were there and to pray with as many as possible. As you can imagine we were quite a novelty and drew lots of inquiring glances and questions. We all had lots of opportunities to share Jesus with people and to pray for God’s blessing. At one point we gathered a group of children and young people and did a short KK style presentation in the street. We were all very encouraged and uplifted by the initital response we received.

On Sunday we attended the local church – which also happened to be the church that the ‘King’ is pastor of. Some stayed to participate and preach in the main service while the bulk if the team took Kidz Klub with the children. There were well over 100 kids many of whom had come because they heard we were there. It was such a blessing to be able to share Jesus with them and to see their response to the Him. Many responded to receive Jesus as they saviour.

Monday morning we were in our first school. We delivered Kidz Klub to children from nursery to age 11. We had 2 teams working at once and did 2 sessions back to back. It was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Many children put their trust in Jesus and were prayed for to receive the Holy Spirit. The Ghanaian  trainees were amazing and delivered the sessions powerfully and confidently. The following day we went to the state run senior school and delivered the programme to 500 students aged 11-16.  It was wonderful to see how open to the gospel and the Spirit of God the children were. God was definitely powerfully.

Out of the blue the team were asked to attend the end of year celebrations for the 7 private schools in Amanase and to deliver the Kidz Klub programme at the event to all the children staff and parents. Over 500 people!! The king and town dignitaries were also present, the culmination of the event was the opening of the new community library with the king cutting the ribbon.

Over the week of our visit we shared the good nes of Jesus with at least 1,000 children from 11 different schools: one of them a muslim girls school. The team approached the school and asked to present Kidz Klub as we didn’t want them to be left out.  There were already a number of Christian students at the school running a Christian union. The school welcomed the team with open arms and they were able to return and support the girls in the Christian union at their Sunday meeting as well as delivering Kidz Klub to the whole school.