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Re:Generation provide a unique training package to churches and their children’s workers, supporting them to understand and deliver the Kidz Klub programme with confidence.We offer shadowing and support during the launch of their own children’s work, to help embed the structured programme.  Once their children’s work has been launched, they become a network of partners, accessing and sharing support, ideas and resources to continue to run, grow and evaluate the service they provide.

Kidz Klub

Staff and volunteers provide a safe place for children to have fun and learn about core Christian values and principals through stories, games and creative learning.  We work in schools, community centers and our own premises at Beulah Family Church to run the action packed programme. 

Currently, Beulah church plans the weekly content plan for each school. Team leaders are becoming responsible for planning for their individual teams.

Sessions start with a fun game which helps to develop the children socially and enables them to work cooperatively as a part of their team. The MC (sometimes the team leader) takes on the role of keeping the pace of the session going and to oversee the session ensuring it runs smoothly. They will welcome the children and introduce the rules of Kidz Klub. The children then have the opportunity to worship through singing and dancing to children’s songs.

Teams -

The children are separated into the Blue team and Yellow team. These teams work together in games and earn points for their behaviour and responses during the session. This encourages the children to respect one another and has been successful as children encourage one another to be the best they can be.

Games -

Children are chosen to participate in games by answering correctly questions about the previous weeks learning. Winners of these games can choose prizes.

The pairs game is for children who are listening and understanding the sessions bible story, the children answer the question and select two numbers, if the pictures underneath these number match, they can win a prize!

Managing of behaviour-

Each team has three balloons, a balloon is popped when team members are not following the Kidz Klub rules. Teams are encouraged to support one another and take responsibility for their behaviour.

We reward positive behavior by using an ‘in it to win it’ pot. When we see a child working positively we write their name on a slip of paper to put in a pot. At the end of the session we pull out a name and they can win a prize!

Memory Verses-

Each week a memory verse is sent out on a colouring sheet.rolex replica The children need to remember the verse for an opportunity to win a prize!

Object Lessons -

The object lessons are planned by the Beulah team. These aim to take a theme and explore what this means for the children. The children are then encouraged to think about what this means in their lives and how they wish to respond through a time of prayer and/or discussion.

Beulah Family Church, Re:generation Kids International,
working in partnership with Metro World child Ministries.
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